Blog Post #10: Digital-Viral Revisited

Looking back at my post that I wanted to go viral, the audience did somewhat engaged with my post of what I thought what would have happened. For example, I expected only people to share and like my post. However, my overall post did not received any comments. My digital-viral text did spread throughout Facebook because about six people actually shared my post. This means their friends are now able to look at my post. In addition, on Instagram, my posted was liked by more people than on Facebook. The possible reason for this is because of the hashtags that were added in the picture. The hashtags that were added were to make it more public and visible for others to see. In addition, many of the hashtags that I incorporated were sometimes simple common one such as #love. Because of the simplicity, more people were able to see it. In addition, because of  that post, more random people started to add me in Instagram.

Although my digital viral text spread amongst six individuals, it did not virally spread through enough people to make it viral. In addition, the people that shared it were people that I knew. Thus, I find that as a result of stating that it did not go viral. Another possible reason why the digital viral text did not spread was because of the seriousness. Memes tend to have humor in it, and more people are willing to share it more so than serious topics. A possible way that would have made my text circulate more was maybe to change the subject of the text and add humor, which seems hard to do because of the topic I picked. To add on, I think I should have added more hashtags on Facebook to make it more public similarly to Instagram.

Blog Post #9: Digital-Viral Assignment

The genre of the meme that I created was a combination of image and text. I added a picture of two dogs; one that looked sad and the other hugging the sad dog. On the top, I added text that stated “You are not alone. Help is only one call away. ❤ #1-800-273-8255.” My overall subject of my meme is to inform and support people who are battling depression and thinking of suicide. I wanted to provide a positive behavior and tagged the suicide hotline number. In addition, I added a cute picture of two dogs that were hugging each other. I made sure to add this picture because many people who are on social media would scroll throughout their newsfeed, and they are bound to pass through post that just have words or a non interesting picture. Thus, I added a cute picture of dogs. I felt that people would stop scrolling to look at that picture just because they have cute dogs. Thus, more and more people would read my post and possibly share it knowing the meaning because of the text I added.

I distributed my meme throughout different platforms of social media. I only incorporated the words that I stated of “You are not alone. Help is only one call away. ❤ #1-800-273-8255” with the picture. I posted the meme through all my social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Even though they have different ways of posting the meme, they all had the similar text and picture. However, on Instagram, I made sure to add more hashtags. I added more hashtags on Instagram to get more public and more people would view it. On the other hand, on Facebook, I also made sure to make the post public so that people were able to share the post within their friends and families. When looking back to see if I accomplished my goal for making the post go viral, I want to see as many likes that the posts will received throughout each platform. Also, specifically on Facebook, I would like to calculate how many others shared and reposted my post.

11/28: In-Class Assignment

There are many affordances of maps as a genre. For instance, maps show a visualization of a topic that the author wants to convey. People tend to be able to better understand things when they are given a visual; thus, a map would a few words to elaborate on what it is showing will help send the author’s overall message across better. In addition, another affordance of using maps as a genre is that maps can show more than one trends and can be easily created to have a better picture what what the author is intending to show. It also allows for the audience to have better control when interacting with the map.

What’s the relationship (or a relationship) between a map and space (i.e., location)? How do we make sense of these things in relationship to each other?

The relationship between maps and space is that every space that is utilized in the map has a meaning. It has an overall purpose for the map.

What does gathering data, presenting it spatially, and creating/designing maps tell you about writing, literacy, and rhetoric, writ-large?

Gathering data and creating/designing maps tell us that maps can be used to represent a message.

What suggestions do you have for improving or otherwise revising this unit? (Things you’d like to see, things you’d like to do, how better to support your learning, etc.)

There are a few suggestions that would strengthen this unit of maps. For instance, have a few examples that previous students created and show them in class. I feel like it would provide us a great example into thinking how we can create our own map.

Blog Post 8: Map Proposal

Gun violence has always been an issue in the United States. There are always new tragedies in the U.S that catch the nation’s attention. These tragedies we are referring to are mass shootings. One of the examples of mass shootings in the U.S is the shooting in Las Vegas. Not only is this one the most recent example, it is also the deadliest in U.S history. Gun control must happen. History tells us that guns are what have led to so many tragedies. Lesley and I are trying to address gun violence. More specifically, we are trying to address mass shootings in the U.S and how they have progressed since the pass of the second amendment. If we were to attempt to address all shootings throughout the U.S, this would take too much time and resources; in addition, this would not add to our message.

Despite so many examples of guns being used to kill so many innocent people, Congress still insists on protecting the National Rifle Association, NRA, because of their financial contributions to senators and representatives; the NRA essentially has Congress in its pockets. No gun legislation has been passed for gun control. This is wrong. Something must be done. We want our map to show Congress and those in opposition of gun control just how much damage guns, more specifically non semi-automatic hand-guns, have done and how they have been used to kill so many people by just one person.

Composing a map is best as opposed to the other forms of mediums. We believe that diagrams such as a map is a great way to visualize and understand our purpose for this composition. When a person visualizes the United States and sees how many mass shootings occurred, we feel like it will create stronger effect, because it will not only focus on one mass shooting but most of them. In addition, we want to show the audience the types of guns used in each shooting to further prove the point that these weapons highlighted are the reason for so many deaths at these shootings.

Our intended audience could be a variety of individuals. However, we want to focus on people in opposition of gun control. They are the intended audience because we want them to be aware that there has been an incline in mass shootings and incline in deaths because of those shootings.

Looking at our idea of our composition, there is a few issues that we can run into. For instance, trying to figure out how we are going to map out the United State’s mass shooting in correlation with years and guns used at each shooting. We were thinking of drawing more than one map for each decade to help compare the years, all while placing visuals of the guns used at the shootings next to the points on the map of the U.S. Another issue that we can possibly run into is actually drawing the map. We are not exactly sure how we will come up with it. We think drawing it digitally might be best and easy to work with. However, we do not really know how to do it. A way to get around this issue is to look up ways on how to make a map online.

Partner: Christian Nevarez-Camacho

11/2: Portfolio Feedback Free-Write

Writing and organizing the Midterm Portfolio had many benefits that made me think about writing differently. For instance, I rarely looked a previous work that I did for a class. For this assignment, it was necessary, and I learned a lot of details of my strengths and weaknesses in my writing.

There were many benefits of making a portfolio for me opposed to submitting the project, homework, and in-class assignments. One benefit was that I was able to look back and actually revise my assignments. This benefits me the most because based on feedback from peers or instructors, I am able to produce a better piece than before.  I am able to get a second pair of eye to look at my work and see if others are reading what I wanted to present in my writing. Since I was able to revise each assignment, I felt like I strengthened each assignment and felt better to get graded with the revised versions than the original version.

One possible drawback was that sometimes I was not sure what exactly to revise and what to add to make my assignments better. I felt like I needed more feedback to help me prepare for better revisions.

The portfolio made me realize the power of peer review and overall feedback. It also made me realize how revising your assignment and using those feedback can help strengthen your writing.

Midterm Portfolio Assignment

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Audio Unit Wrap-Up


There were many affordances of sound as a mode that many of mediums cannot achieve. Manipulating audio can make a false statement that can go unnoticed. For example, one can manipulate a combination of clips and make it sound like it is saying a lie. However, the listener would not be able to notice if done correctly. On the other hand, if a person used a combination of clips, it will be hard to believe and people will notice it easily compared to an audio clip.

There are a few suggests that will help improving or revising this unit. It was extremely hard to mess around with Audacity and having that learning lesson during lecture did help. However, I felt like I have forgot everything once I was about to create the piece. I did like that you provided us with YouTube videos for reference. One suggestion that I was thinking that would help is to provide or go through class about how to convert the file into mp3 file. I would look at YouTube videos of  this and would still be confused because I had to download another software in order to convert it. Also, for some reason my computer did not let me download it, so I was confused.

Free Write 10/17

Throughout last class, we talked about disruption, formatting, and glitch through reading assignments and are overall discussion. This has a lot to do with writing across media. When there forms are use, the overall audience notices it and reacts in a certain way. The author wanted to have a certain reaction, and using one of those tools, he or she was allowed to get that initial reaction. It does because utilizing each of these strategies are composed for a prior reason. They all are used to give a certain message across when done. The two articles that we talked about in class tell us that audio can be manipulated by disruption, formatting, and glitch for a purposeful meaning.